My name is Jazmyne Kincaid, founder of Detroit Reflections. This organization was created because I too am a victim that has spent many years suffering in silence about my anxiety and depression. I suffered in silence in fear that I would be labeledwith a Mental Illness, not knowing that anxiety and depression is in fact a mood disorder. Not being aware of my disorder caused me to fail at attempting to release negativity from my life. After gaining enough courage to dig deeper than my own ability to find mental freedom, it became my obligation to bring awareness that people in my community suffer silently. Anxiety and depression is a disease that most people think they can beat alone and if you try you will fail. 

​Our culture was taught that anxiety and depression disorders show a sign of weakness and as a culture we were taught to handle and manage everything without showing the smallest amount of struggle. According to an article from the Detroit Free Press 16 percent of Detroit’s teenagers seriously consider suicide due to anxiety and depression, one in eleven teens will attempt it at least once but through awareness, self-development, and mental stability we can change how this disorder affects our lives. The last time I allowed my anxiety and depression to knock me down I took a vow to get back up and fight for my mental freedom. Through Detroit Reflections I want to help others rid themselves from this dangerous disease. I want to show the community, that we can save our city but to do that we must first save ourselves. 

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